Aircel Peek - QWERTY mobile for Rs.2999

It looks like a simple Blackberry but it doesn’t make any calls. That’s alright because Aircel’s Peek lets you manage upto 3 email accounts in exhange for mobile telephony- all for a down-to-earth sum of Rs. 2999. In this bold move, Aircel’s Peek is a device that shies away from technology convergence and instead focuses on specialization and economy.

This colour display device has a QWERTY keyboard and looks like a business class phone. On the Peek, users can read email attachments in Word, Excel, PDF and image formats as well as send and receive attachments up to a maximum of 10MB in size. There is also support for Microsoft Exchange.

The specs of the device are pretty impressive. Here we have a 2.5-icnh QVGA res 65K colours screen, a multifunctional clickable scroll wheel, a back button and aluminum plated back. For security purposes, the device comes with a security lock that protects the Peek from unauthorized access. For extra measure, the device deletes all data if any attempts are made to enter the password more than 10 times in a row. Battery life should not be an issue either as the device runs comfortably for 2-3 days under a single charge.

The Peek comes with prepaid and postpaid plans. For prepaid offers, users can get unlimited email service for Rs. 867 for 90 days. After this period expires, the user can recharge for Rs. 89 to receive 7 days of validity or the user can pay Rs. 299 for 30 days of validity. Of course, usage here is unlimited.

For post paid customers, users have to pay Rs. 897 for three months of unlimited email service after which a rental of Rs. 299 per month will be charged. While this device seems inexpensive, internet on mobile could be a cheaper, better alternative. It looks like Aircel may have a tough sell.



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