Samsung Launches Next Generation Camera 'NX10'

Samsung today announced the launch of NX10 – its first foray into the mirror-less interchangeable lens camera segment. The Samsung NX10 has the heart of a DSLR embedded inside the compact frame of a digital camera, successfully integrating the APS-C size CMOS sensor with a mirrorless interchangeable lens, in a small, light and ergonomically designed body that ensure maximum portability for users. With the launch of its flagship, next generation NX10 camera model, Samsung is looking to establish itself as an innovator in Digital Still Camera market.

The NX10 incorporates a fast and decisive auto focus (AF), 14.6 MP APS-C size CMOS sensor and unique, large 3.0” AMOLED screen, allowing users to easily view their images, even in bright sunlight. The NX10 ensures users never miss a moment, as the new DRIMe II Pro engine and advanced AF algorithm, provide ultra fast AF speed with the higher precision of contrast AF. And consumers are not just limited to taking shots but can also tell their own stories in video format with HD movie recording (H.264 codec).

The 3.0” AMOLED screen facilitates by providing easier viewing in bright sunshine or at acute viewing angles, meaning users no longer need to shield their screen with their hand. The AMOLED screen also provides 30,000 times faster response rate than conventional LCDs, has lower power consumption and a higher contrast ratio – 100,000:1 vs. 500:1.

The NX10 also contains a range of intelligent features to put professional quality images within reach of the amateur photographer. The NX10 incorporates in-depth manual controls and a Smart Auto function which automatically detects the surrounding environment of the shot, selecting the right shoot mode and a Smart Range feature that enables the user to vividly express both bright areas and dark areas in the same frame. It even senses when the user brings the camera close to their face to look through the viewfinder, and puts the AMOLED screen on standby to conserve power. The NX10’s Supersonic Dust Reduction system keeps those dust particles clear of the image sensor that can often impair an image.

Slim and light at just over 350g, the NX10 is available in black with two variants.1st with an 18-55mm lens kit (Rs 42,990) & 2nd with 30mm Pan Cake lens (Rs. 44,990). With the addition of this new model, Samsung’s Digital Still Cameras range now comprises a total of 31 models priced between Rs. 6,990 to Rs. 44,990.



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