Playboy Belt Buck With Built-In Spy Camera

This is isn’t the first spy camera I’ve come across that’s placed inside a belt buckle, but this is definitely the most classy way to pull it off. Nothing says elegant like a Playboy Bunny belt buckle. Then to give it a whole new level of chic, you throw in a spy camera right at waist height. With this belt you’ll be ready to go for your next night of expensive strippers and keep up your reputation as the local peeping tom.

It has a USB cable to come with it as well as a driver disk. Then within the camera itself is a time setting function, a reset button, manual video recording and acoustic control recording automatically. The video is set at 720 by 480 resolution. Then as far as memory goes it has 16GB built into the belt. In order to purchase this belt it’ll cost you $43 from Shopkami.

Source: ChipChick


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