Apple Might Announce iPhone OS 4.0 Tomorrow

While we are drastically so far behind the western world that the iPhone 3Gs has only just reached our shores, we might just retain some solace to know that the latest iPhone update, 4.0 should be a global phenomenon. The new update will most likely be announced tomorrow by Apple. According to some reports all Apple really said was that in an event due to be held tomorrow, we would be privy to a 'sneak peak into the future of iPhone OS,'. There hasn't not been any official news other than that so we don’t really know what to expect.

Speculation, rumors and leaks however are talking about a few new tricks up Apple’s sleeves which would include -
Multitasking - the reports are talking about a possible system that would allow users to double tap the menu button to show what apps are running, similar to some of the third party apps like Backgrounder.
Video Calling – It’s possible that the upcoming OS 4.0 would also enable video calling in the iPhone. It seems a little unrealistic to expect that feature seeing as the iPhone doesn’t have a camera in front. Perhaps the next-gen device would be equipped with one that would be the ticket, or Apple could launch a mini camera attachment like the one for the iPad. You never know.
It’s a matter of a few hours before all is revealed. I’ve got my fingers crossed, but trying not to get my hopes up.



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