ZOMM - keys and phone close

Little things like your keys and cellphone are easy to lose. They’re probably the most commonly lost items for the average person. Some people find ways to keep track of these items. However, if you’re still on the lookout for a method that will work for you, then perhaps you could give ZOMM a try. It’s said to be the world’s first wireless leash for cellphones. It helps you keep both items close to each other and from getting lost.

Of course, if you lose both your keys and your cellphone at the same time, it would cause a problem. The device connects via Bluetooth to your cellphone and hangs on a keychain with your keys. Then you set a distance and once the cellphone gets outside that distance the keychain will start to beep at you. It also will work as a wireless speaker phone and has a panic feature. The panic portion works when you press the button on the front, it’ll start shrieking and automatically dial emergency services. It’s rumored that this will be priced at around $80, but as of now it’s not actually out.



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