Indian Independence

The Indian independence movement resulted in India’s liberation from the British rule. The joint efforts of many underground Indian political parties, heroic freedom fighters, philosophical ideologies and petty rebellions formed the story of how India got its independence. The 1947 Indian independence has been celebrated every year in the country on 15th August. 15th August is celebrated ever since 1947 as the Indian Independence Day.

Public dissatisfaction with the British rule, their policy of divide and rule and that of sabotaging basic civil liberties of resident Indians and their human rights (exemplified in the Rowlett act) and insensitivity towards Indian cultural consciousness led to the upsurge of the Indian independence movement which overthrew the British rule.

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi in known as the father of India, all over the world. Gandhi and the Independence of India are intimately connected to each other. His non- cooperation movement along with the amazing facts and philosophy of non-violence and numerous satyagrahas catapulted the Indian masses towards their freedom from the British rule.

Gandhi was the true hero of the independence struggle and a very highly principled man who carried out a struggle for independence with the strength of his values and morals.

The first Indian protest against the British rule took place in 1857 when soldiers of British East India Company rebelled under the leadership of Mangal Pandey against the tyranny of the company and its disrespect for Indian culture. The revolt was crushed with the British separating the princely states from British India. This was typical of their divide and rule policy.

The movement for Indian Independence reached its culmination between 1918 and 1922 with a series of non-violent efforts of civil disobedience by the Indian National Congress under the guidance of Mahatma Gandhi. This set the stage for India’s final liberation from the British Raj and led to its partition with Pakistan on the mid-night of 15th August 1947. Partition was the price India had to pay for its liberation.


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