Chrome Zips Past Safari

Google’s Chrome has now gone past Apple’s Safari to become the third most popular browser after Internet Explorer and Firefox. Data released by web analytics firm Net applications has Chrome’s share of the worldwide browser market at 4.63%. Explorer leads the pack with a huge 62.69% share, while Firefox holds onto second at a little under 25%. Safari is fourth with 4.46% However, Chrome’s surge past Safari is significant as the Google browser was launched a little over two years ago. The browser has been a big hit with the tech community who rate this to be the fastest draw among all browsers. Chrome uses WebKit for rendering Web pages, the same rendering engine as Safari. Its shell is also fairly simple, well optimized and stripped down to give users a fast browsing experience. While IE and Firefox seem well ahead of Chrome, the increasing popularity of the OS is interesting at a time when netbooks and nettops are primed to sell more units that laptops and desktops. Chrome, being a light fast browser is ideal for these platforms and can expect to take away market share from IE and Firefox. Source : Tech 2


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