Yercaud - Tamilnadu Hill Station

Yercaud is located on the Shevaroy Hills and it is 1,515 meters high and you can easily experience the tranquil atmosphere of hills and the nature where she unveils beauty and pleases the tourists. The hilly slopes with thick forests and typical flora and fauna add life to the place. The place is laden with various natural elements which gives the tourist to enjoy their trip to the fullest. Being located in an altitude, the place experiences a pleasant weather round the year. This hill station remains populated in the summer as the place experience a wonderful climate at that time.

Yercaud is also called "Ooty of the Poor". Yercaud Town is situated above 4800' from mean sea level. The climate of Yercaud is a moderate one. The maximum temperature is 167.6°F and minimum is 66°F. Winter season starts in the month of September and ends in December. During Winter, the hills are covered by mist and looks beautiful. The Summer Festival is being celebrated in the second week of May of every year.

The attractions of the city !

» Yercaud Lake:

The Yercaud Lake, a picturesque pool surrounded by gardens and trees, is one of the main attractions of Yercaud. You can enjoy boating at the Yercaud Lake. If you like to paddle the boat yourself then the paddling boats are a good option otherwise you also have the option of the boatman rowing it for you as you relax in the calm waters of the Lake.

» Lady's Seat:

Lady's seat is name given to a cluster of rocks on the south west side of Yercaud. There is a steep drop of about 200 feet below from this point. One gets a panoramic view of distant Salem and the winding road up.

» Killiyur Falls :

The Killiyur waterfall is located at a distance of about 3 km from the Yercaud Lake. The ideal time to visit the waterfall is immediately after the monsoons. You can see the surplus water from the Yercaud Lake and other points of the Shevaroy Hills fall deep into the Killiyur Valley below, making a 300 feet waterfall.

»The Grange :

The Grange is one of the oldest buildings in Yercaud, built in 1820's by the then District Collector of Salem, M D Cockburn.

»Bear's Cave :

The Bear's cave is situated near the Norton Bungalow on the way to Servarayan temple. It is an important tourist spot as it is considered one of the six abodes of Lord Subramanya.

»The Servarayan Temple :

The Servarayan temple is situated atop the Servarayan hill. The temple is a narrow and dark cave having the God Servarayan and the Goddess Kaveri inside, which the Shevaroy Hills and the Cauvery River. The local tribes celebrate their annual festival in the Servarayan temple during the month of May.

Location: 33 Km From Salem, Tamil Nadu
Famous For: Plantations And Orange Groves
Best Time: February - June and September-November
Languages Spoken: Tamil, Hindi and English
STD Code: 04281


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