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Tamil Nadu is the land of the Tamils and it has a history that dates back to several thousand years. It is a land where traditions and culture blend and continue to live in harmony. The state abounds in monuments and temples that are ancient and each has its own story of religious, artistic and cultural accomplishment and specialty waiting to be heard. Are there answers to be found on its beaches and hill stations as they welcome the traveler? We are sure you will form your own opinions and have your own perceptions as we welcome you to this enchanting and ancient Dravidian land, in the extreme south of peninsular India. Tamil Nadu has a long coastline that stretches nearly a 1000 kms. The Coromandel Coast, along the Bay of Bengal, boasts of many ideal locations for sun and surf. Golden sands of the beach are dotted with coconut palm and casuarina groves. The sea washes ashore pebbles and shells and the gentle breeze sways the yachts and catamarans into the deeper waters of the sea and the waters form small dunes on the shore. Crabs play hide-and-seek by coming out of one burrow, and taking refuge in another. Sea gulls hover in the sky and then rest on the sails of the fishing boats. There are many more breathtaking sights that will please you and hold you spell bound in Tamil Nadu.

Food :

Tamil Nadu has a wide range of vegetarian and non-vegetarian delicacies to offer. The food here gets its flavor from a host of spices and condiments used in Tamil Nadu. Coconut, tamarind and asafoetida are a must for almost all vegetarian recipes. Garam masala is avoided in Tamil cuisine. In Tamil Nadu Coconut oil is normally used as the medium of cooking. Chutneys and mixed spice are served in the lunch and enhance the taste of the meal.

In Tamil Nadu, a typical meal consists of rice (mostly steam ed), lentils, grains and vegetables. Chettinad cuisine of Tamil Nadu is particularly famous all over the country. This cuisine is hot and spicy and provides delectable variety in mutton, chicken and fish dishes. Chettinad Pepper Chicken is one of the most famous dishes in Tamil Nadu. The Tamil style of Mughali food can be tasted in the Biriyanis and Paya. Paya is a type of spiced trotters broth and is eaten with either Parathas or Appam.

In Tamil Nadu cuisine, breakfast or tiffin includes idly(steamed rice cakes), dosai (a pancake made from a batter of rice) and lentils crisp fried on a pan, vada(deep fried doughnuts made from a batter of lentils), pongal (a mash of rice and lentils boiled together and seasoned with ghee, cashew nuts, pepper and cummin seed), uppuma(cooked semolina seasoned in oil with mustard, pepper, cumin seed and dry lentils). Most of the dishes in Tamil Nadu are eaten with coconut chutney, sambar (seasoned lentil broth) and mulaga podi (a powdered mix of several dried lentils eaten with oil).

The Tamil Lunch or meals consists of cooked rice served with different kinds of vegetable dishes, Sambar, chutneys, Rasam (a hot broth made with tamarind juice and pepper) and curd(yogurt). The non-vegetarian lunch includes curries or dishes cooked with mutton, chicken or fish. Tamil meals are incomplete without crisp Papads or Appalam.

Tamil Nadu, especially Chennai, is famous for its filter coffee. Most Tamils have a subtle disliking for instant coffee, therefore filter coffee is more popular. The preparation of filter coffee is almost like a daily chore, the coffee beans have to be first roasted and then ground. The coffee powder is then put into a filter set and hot boiled water is added to prepare the boiling and allowed to set for about 15 minutes. The decoction is then added to milk with sugar to taste. The drink thus prepared is then poured from one container to another in rapid succession to make the perfect frothy cup of filter coffee. An exotic drink that refreshes you and the taste that lingers.

The cuisine of Tamil Nadu is counted among the popular cuisines in India. It is enjoyed by the people of the country and equally relished by the foreigners coming to India. Dishes like Idli, Dosa, Sambhar and Rasam are the most exotic dishes among the south Indian cuisine. The south Indian platter or Thali is also very popular, comprising various vegetables, along with dominant coconut flavor. Another highlight of south Indian cuisine is, Pongal, a sweet dish prepared during the the harvest festival 'Pongal'. Every visitor coming to India, makes sure that he does not miss tasting this mouth watering cuisine. So, just look for restaurant that serves south Indian cuisine and taste some of the recipes and drinks from Tamil Nadu, after which you wont be able to resist tasting other delicious dishes of this state also.

Festival :

Pongal Festival, Natyanjali Festival , Chithirai Festival, Karthigai Deepam, Thiruvannamalai Deepam

High Lights:

The ancient city of Chennai is a convenient base to Explore the other South Indian cities. Madurai once the seat of Tamil Learnings is famous for its Twin temples dedicated to Lord Shiva and his consort. This is one of the Biggest temple complex in India. Trichey is one of the blend history and tradition as well as thriving commercial city Just 10 Kms from the city of Siranagm f- famous for its Vaishantive temple. The on the Tanjore tp Dynasty and Finally to Mahabalipuram to relax on its superb beaches.


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