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Kodaikanal is a charming little hill Station situated at an altitude of 6,854 feet above sea level. In a state that is more famous for 'The Queen of Hill Stations', Kodaikanal attracts as many tourists and has a fair share of its own die hard admirers. So much were people smitten by its beauty and sedateness that today it is referred to as 'The Princess of Hill Stations'.

The name Kodaikanal means 'The Gift of Forest'. And once you visit Kodaikanal and its nearby areas, you will know why this hill station has this name. It is surrounded by deep and dark forest which it seems are guarding its beautiful landscape. Kodaikanal is brimming with some of nature's wonders like Coaker's walk, Fairy falls, Bear shola falls and many more.

The attractions of the city !

» Star Shaped Lake :

Kodaikanal lake, this is a man made lake which is probably the most liked attraction in the hill station. Situated right in the center of Kodaikanal, the lake was converted from a marshy land by former Collector Sir Vere Levinge. This star shaped lake covers an area of nearly 60 acres and provides facilities for boating. You can also take a horse ride by the sides of Kodaikanal Lake which is surrounded by different types of trees.

» Solar Observatory:

One of the only three solar observatories in the world, the observatory in Kodaikanal is almost 75 years old. Located at a distance of 3 km from the lake and at an altitude of 2343 m., the observatory is at the highest point of this hill station. You can buy tickets for a show that is played in this observatory that will give you a glimpse of our solar system.

» Fairy falls :

Fairy falls have become an inseparable part of people of Kodaikanal as an interesting spot for picnics. It has also become famous among tourists for its crystal clear waters. A swim at the foot at the falls will leave surely leave you refreshed and re-energized.

» St. Stephen's Church :

St. Stephen's Church is one of the oldest churches in entire South India. It is located on the Mysore road, near the Collectorate and dates back to the days of Rt. Hon'ble Stephen Rumbold Lushington, the then Governor of Madras. He laid the foundation for the church on April 23, 1829, to coincide with the birthday of King George IV. There are stained-glass painting on the Eastern side as well as behind the chancel. However the main attraction of the church is the glass paintings depicting Mary holding baby Jesus in her arms and the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. On the Western wall, above the paneled doorways, is a large life-like painting of the Last Supper.

» Coaker's Walk:

Situated around 1 Km from the lake, the coaker's walk proves to be an exceptional place to get some of the most fascinating views of the surrounding areas. Named after the Lt. Coaker, it is situated on the southern end of Kodaikanal.

» Kurinji Andavar Temple:

Dedicated to Lord Murugan, Kurinji Andavar Temple is situated at a calm and secluded place, some 3 km away from the star shaped lake. The beautiful temple gives you beautiful views of Northern Plains and Palani Hills.

» Pillar rocks :

It is about 9 km away from the centre point of Kodaikanal. Three granite formations measuring over 120 m high stand shoulder to shoulder providing beautiful view. It has a mini garden at the view point with lovely flowers. The pillar rock is full of caves and chasms, a delight for adventure seekers.


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