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Hai friends in this article let us see about the world famous and poplular search engine GOOGLE.

#)Google Inc., is an American company which is specialized in Internet search and advertising, and it is based in Mountain View, California, USA.

#)The word Google is arrived from the word "googol",which is theterm which denotes 1 followed by 100 zeroes.

#)The companie's content and quality make them universal accessible and it is one of th etop search engine in the world.

#)It has become so popular for its name google is usead as a verb now and it means to search something from the internet.

#)The most prominent factor which made the use of google easy is that it is a search engine service which is free to use and it usually returns the required data and acts as a guide , in a fraction of a second.

#)Advertising is the principle revenue for the company.

#)It provides advertisers with the opportunity to deliver measurable, cost-effective online advertising relevant to the information displayed on any of the given Web page.

#)Larry Page and Sergey Brin the two computer scientists were the founder of Google , who first met in 1995 at Stanford University in California, as they where studying doctorates in computer science.

#)They were interested in finding a unique approach to obtain relevant information from a massive set of data.

#)In 1996 they released their first search engine technology was developed in their university dormitory .

#)They named as BackRub,because of its ability to analyze the “back links” pointing to a given Web site.

#)Also known as PageRank, the unique contribution that Page and Brin made to search applications was to rank Web sites on the basis of the number of other Web sites that linked to them as well as the number of links that linked into the linking sites.

#)PageRank was based on the assumption that sites with the greatest number of links were more likely to offer the best and most relevant information for a given search term.

#)After a very impressive response from the investors, Page and Brin incorporated Google Inc. officially on September 7, 1998.

#)Their first office space was on a spare room in a house in Menlo Park, California, and the entrance to this place vioa garage and they used to enter this room via garage.

#)The use of this search engine grew at a very rapid pace as their utility and ease was reliable and very auick.

#)By the end of 1998 Google’s search engine was able answer 10,000 search queries per day.

#)By the year 1999, Google was operating from its current headquarters at the Googleplex in Mountain View.

#)But Google’s original business model was to license its search engine capabilities to other larger sites, rather than to sell advertising space.

#)Netscape Communications Corporation was one of its initial customers .

#)Another major client, Yahoo!, signed up with Google in June 2000 and the company continued to expand.

#)At this time Google was able to offer access to 1 billion Web pages,the first time so much of the Web’s content had been made available in a searchable format in the internet.

#) inIO ctober 2000, Google began experimenting with a business model based on advertising revenue by introducing a service for small businesses which is known as AdWords, linking search terms to paid advertising.

#)AdWords received a major overhaul in 2002 that included pay-per-click features where Google received a share of revenue each time a user clicked on an ad.

#)That same year, America Online, Inc., adopted Google’s search engine for both search and also for advertising.

#)In 2005 Google bought a 5 percent stake in America Online for an amount of $1 billion.

#)In 2006, the company made press headlines with its $1.65-billion purchase of the video-sharing Internet venture YouTube.

#)Google became a publicly traded company in the year 2004.

#)As of 2006 ,Google was ranked as the world’s most comprehensive search engine, as it provides Web searches in more than 100 countries.

#)Google was the most frequently visited Web site for most number searches, and their growth also will continue


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